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Meet Keysy

Keysy is a new product that can backup up to four RFID access credentials into a small keyfob form factor. It will consolidate them all on your keychain so you can leave the originals at home and avoid having to pay costly replacement fees should you lose one.

Two easy steps

First, keysy must be programmed to electronically mimic your current RFID credentials.

After that it’s as simple as pushing the button near the reader and the keysy will electronically mimic the original RFID device.

Multiple form factors

One solution


Give access to a loved one, housekeeper, or dog walker


Never worry about forgetting your work badge again


Perfect for a two car family to share monthly parking


Boat docks, pools and all those other places we enjoy hanging out

Technical specifications

Frequency: 125kHz

Modulation: AM, FSK, PSK

Tag storage: 4 unique tags

Battery life: 2 years

Battery: CR2032


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