Keysy supports 125kHz RFID key fobs and cards. These are typically perimeter access-control systems that require the key fob or card to be placed within 4 inches (10cm) of the door reader. Anything that works farther away is unsupported.

Black and white Trendy badge (Money Back Guaranteed) in a line art style with a thin black outline, with shadow, isolated on a white background. Elements for your design, with space for your text. Vector Illustration (EPS10, well layered and grouped). Easy to edit, manipulate, resize or colorize.

Keysy is Guaranteed to copy all key fobs and cards listed as Supported or your Money Back!

Will Keysy Copy my Key Fob or Card?

Email a picture of your key fob or card to determine compatibility.

Supported Models

  • HID Prox (Proxcard, ISOProx, ProxKey)
    (Emulation (playback) not supported on multiClass readers, can still clone to rewritable oval key fob)
  • HID Indala (Motorola) (95% Success rate for Clamshell card and key fob versions. Thin card is not compatible)
  • Kantech ioProx
  • Rosslare Square fob (Triangle shaped fob not compatible)
  • AWID (Low frequency only – CS-AWID, GR-AWID, KT-AWID, PW-AWID)
    (Emulation (playback) not supported, can still clone to rewritable oval key fob)
  • Keri Key Fobs (95% Success rate KC-10X, MT-10X, PKT-10X – Serial #’s starting in *K and *H Only. Key card not compatible)
  • Radio Key (SecuraKey RKKT-01, RKKT-02)
  • Schlage IBF iButton (RFID portion only)
  • PDK Prodatakey
  • EM400x, EM410x, EM420x
  • Nortek Linear Blue Key Fob
  • Noralsy (KCP3000)
  • Farpointe Pyramid
  • Open Key Fobs (5 digits only- 8 digit incompatible)
  • Viking
  • Visa2000
  • XceedID (labeled 7610 only)
  • Schlage key fob (labeled 7610 only)
  • Schlage Proximity key card (labeled 7410 – 7510 only)
  • ACTprox Fob-B, Vanderbilt (Mifare version not compatible)
  • Paradox C704, C705, PTDE16, PTAP14, PTAP17, PTFE19, PTOC16, PTJA19)
  • CDVI Black Metal1 (Not blue)
  • T55x7 compatible keycard/keyfob

Supported Remotes (Close range RFID portion only)

  • Linear Remote ACT-31DH, ACT34DH
  • Monarch Remote
  • Farpointe Data Remote
  • DKS Remote Grey, Black
  • Kantech P84WLS-TAG ioProx Four-Button Remote Black

Unsupported Models

Keysy Cannot Copy: Push-button Garage Door Openers, Hotel/Credit Cards, NFC, Mifare, iClass, Anytime Fitness Fobs

  • Automotive Fobs & Windshield Tags/Transponders
  • HID iCLASS, Seos IY
  • DKS DoorKing 1508, DKProx Long Range
  • XceedID key fob 9651
  • Schlage key fob (9651, 9691T)
  • Schlage key card (8420, 8520, 8920, 9451, 9551, 9951)
  • Miwa Red Green Mifare
  • Mifare Classic 1k/4k (all colors)
  • Kantech ioSMART SSF Key Fobs and Key Cards
  • Salto key fobs (PFM01K, PFM04K, PFD04K)
  • Keri NXT [Serial #’s starting in *N]
  • Keri key cards
  • Mass transit cards
  • Stored value cards
  • Mifare Plus EV1
  • Mifare DESFire EV1/2
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Farpointe Delta, Farpointe Ranger
  • DKProx Long Range (AVI)
  • AWID (all HF and UHF tags)
  • Any other RFID cards/fobs not operating at 125kHz
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