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Tiny Labs was founded in 2014 by Elliot Buller after leaving a role in Research and Development at Qualcomm. The original vision for the company was to develop products that make it easier for other small companies to bring new devices to market. Tired of writing device drivers over and over again Elliot sought to solve the software complexity problem with a new OS designed to leverage code reuse and binary compatibility across low-cost ARM microcontrollers. The result was LeOS (lightweight embedded operating system). Using novel techniques to optimize power consumption and dynamically collapse power trees LeOS shows promise as a powerful tool for developing new low-cost, connected products that will form the “Internet of Everything” moving forward.

Tiny Labs second offering parts from it’s developer facing roots as a consumer product that solves a very specific problem. Keysy is small keyfob device that allows the end-user to copy nearly any low-frequency RFID credential used for building access control. These RFID systems commonly found in apartment buildings, offices, and public parking garages around the world have traditionally been locked down by the building management. This left the end user out in the cold should they lose a device or need a second copy to share access to the protected asset. This has led many management companies to refuse to issue additional key fobs/key cards and charge exorbitant fees should the user lose the original. Keysy puts the user back in control by allowing them to copy up to four RFID devices. They can now backup and consolidate the originals as well as share access with friends, family or tenants.


“Legacy 125-kilohertz proximity technology is still in place at around 70% to 80% of all physical access control deployments in the U.S. and it will be a long time before that changes” – Stephane Ardiley, product manager at HID Global

Keysy is the first of its kind as a simple to use backup solution for RFID building access control. Its primary benefits are:

  • Allowing the end user to make copies of RFID key fobs/key cards without having to deal with the system administrator.
  • The ability to consolidate up to four credentials into a single device.
  • Unlimited reprogramability – Reprogram individual buttons as often as necessary as you move or your needs change.

Keysy puts the power back in to the hands of the user. Please direct any inquiries to:

For more information check out the project page.

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