Keysy discreetly copies, emulates and clones LF 125kHz RFID keyfob credentials compatible with most RFID door readers. Clone a keyfob in 30 seconds. Perform a physical security audit. Demonstrate how vulnerable LF RFID is to friends. One rewritable fob included. Full compatibility list

Product Comparison

Keysy RFID Cloner

Proxmark 3 China White Copier

Price 15% OFF $44.99 $38.24  $118 – $400 $59.99
LF 125kHz support Yes Yes Yes
HF 13.56MHz support No Yes Yes
AM, PSK, FSK Modulation Yes Yes No
Additional required equipment None Laptop, developmental boot images, antennas, USB Laptop for HF support
CLI required No Yes No
Compatible RFID door readers 10+ 10+ (boot images required) 4
External power required No Yes No
Size 2 x 1.2 x 0.4 in 3.5 x 2 x 1 in 7 x 5 x 2 in
Weight 0.6 oz 8 oz + laptop 12 oz


Keysy supports 125kHz RFID keycards/keyfobs. These are typically perimeter access control systems that require the keycard/keyfob to be placed within 10cm of the reader. Anything that works farther away is unsupported.

Supported Models

  • HID Prox (Proxcard, ISOProx, ProxKey)
    (Emulation not supported on multiClass readers, can still clone to rewritable)
  • HID Indala (Motorola Indala)
  • EM400x, EM410x, EM420x
  • Noralsy (KCP3000)
  • Farpointe Pyramid
  • Keri (KC-10X, MT-10X, PKT-10X)
  • Kantech ioProx
  • DoorKing (DKProx) [Not DKProx Long Range]
  • AWID (Low frequency only – CS-AWID, GR-AWID, KT-AWID, PW-AWID)
    (Emulation not supported, can still clone to rewritable)
  • Radio Key (SecuraKey RKKT-01, RKKT-02)
  • Viking
  • Visa2000
  • Schlage IBF iButton (RFID portion only)
  • T55x7 compatible keycard/keyfob

Have a card/fob that isn’t on either list? Email with a picture of the card/fob and we will promptly take a look to determine if it is supported.

Unsupported Models

  • Automotive Keyfobs
  • Garage Door openers that require pushing a button (rather than waving in front of a reader)
  • Mass transit cards
  • Stored value cards
  • Hotel keys
  • HID iClass, iClass SE
  • Mifare Classic 1k/4k
  • Mifare Plus EV1
  • Mifare DESFire EV1/2
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Farpointe Delta, Farpointe Ranger
  • DKProx Long Range (AVI)
  • AWID (all HF and UHF tags)
  • Any other RFID cards/fobs not operating at 125kHz.
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