Copying HID Indala key cards and key fobs with Keysy

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A quick way to copy an Indala key card or fob is with the Keysy the RFID Duplicator Remote. Shown below, with a 5 second push of a button, the Keysy remote reads and stores the Indala key card into one of the 4 buttons.

Keysy making a copy of an HID Indala key card. This is the clamshell shaped Indala card. The thin/flat Indala card is not compatible with Keysy

Now that the Indala card is saved inside the Keysy remote, this Indala card can be emulated (played back) at the buildings door reader.

Keysy playing back a stored key card at a door reader

By pressing a button 5 times, Keysy can make stand alone copies of this Indala card to Keysy key fobs, cards, stickers, and wristbands.

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